Villa Winter and its three apartments have been thoroughly renovated and are located on Cankarjeva street 33, a quiet and peaceful part of Maribor close to the town park and Piramida hill. Our accomodations are well suited for families, business traveller and groups of people wanting a comfortable and serene stay near the town centre. All three apartments are a perfect combination of high class elegance and modern luxuries. Original hardwood floors, earthen ovens and luxurious chandeliers tell a story of times past while modern kitchens, bathrooms and other facilities cater to your every need.


The 110 square meters large apartment with a garden view is located on the ground floor and has enough room to accomodate 8 persons. It has 2 bedrooms, each with one double bed and one single bed. The apartment has a separate dining area and kitchen, a large living room with an extendable sofa offering 2 additional sleeping places and two bathrooms with showers and lavatories.

6 (+2) persons

  • 110 square meters
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 2 lavatories
  • Beautiful garden view


In the heart of the villa there is Prima, a 120 square meter apartment located on the first floor. It has three separate bedrooms: one with a double bed, one with two single beds and one with a single bed. There is also a dining area, kitchen, large living room with extendable sofa offering 2 additional sleeping places, a private balcony, a bathroom with a shower and 2 lavatories.

6 (+2) persons

  • 120 square meters
  • 3 bedrooms
  • bathroom
  • lavatories
  • Private balcony


Paulina is the biggest apartment in the villa, located on the top floor. Its 130 square meters offer three bedrooms (5 sleeping palces), large living room with 2 extendable sofas offering 4 additional sleeping places, kitchen and large dining area, two large bathrooms and lavatories.

5 (+1) persons

  • 130 square meters
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms with lavatories
  • Old town view