Privacy Policy

The General Terms and Conditions apply to all guests of accommodations of Damir Kokol s.p. as a single reservation service, marketing service and third parties.



Confirming the reservation as a guest constitutes that they agree with the contract of accommodation and the general terms of trade. This contract, which includes the reservation of the apartment shall be binding for both parties. Reservations for accommodations, that have not been paid for yet, are valid until 18:00 on the day of the arrival. We reserve the right to cancel any reservation if it is not validated by the alloted time. Restrictions such as the minimum period of stay, advance payments and other conditions may apply to certain time periods.

Once a reservation has been confirmed it cannot be changed or refunded. Apartments cannot be re-sold to third parties at a higher price than what was agreed with the company Damir Kokol s.p. The company reserves the rights to cancel any reservation, if customer transfered or sold the apartment reservation to a third party. The company also does not allow that the apartments are used for any other means other than accommodation.


Guarantee of reservation, cancelation period

Reservations that were not provided a guarantee by the guest (advance payment or credit card number), will be canceled at 18:00 on the day of arrival. In the event, that the guests do not arrive on the agreed date of arrival, they will be charged the full price of the reserved accommodation. For reservations during the holiday period and other events, the alloted time for cancelation is a minimum of 48 hours before arrival. If the reservation is canceled after this time period then the guests will be charged 50% of the price of accommodation by the company Damir Kokol s.p.


Advance payment of accommodation

The estimated price of the reserved accommodation must be settled before or at the latest on arrival to the tourist resort.


Method of payment

The company accepts payment in cash (only in EUR currency), advance payments in the checking account and payments with credit cards on the website.


Times for arrival and departure

Guests can move in to the reserved accommodation after 15:00 on the date of the arrival. The departure of the guests is required at no later than 10:00 on the day of departure.


Responsibilities of Damir Kokol s.p.

The company does not take responsibility for any injuries, accidents or events that occur out of its zone of control.

In the event of any irregularities from the provider of the accommodation, the company will accept any complaints from the guests. The guests are expected to do everything to prevent accidents or to atleast minimize its impacts in case of unforseen events. In the event of property damage caused by the guest, the guest is required to pay for the cost of the damages. Damir Kokol s.p is not responsible for any damages that may befal a guests automobile in the event that the guest parks his automobile outside of the parking lot provided by the accommodation.

The guest must report any damages or complaints immediately, late complaints or requests will not be taken into account. The company is not responsible for damages caused by any third parties.



The use of vouchers is eligible for accommodation in Villa Winter Maribor, vouchers cannot be paid out in cash.


Smoking is prohibited

In the areas of accommodation, smoking is prohibited. In the event that these conditions are not met, the company Damir Kokol s.p is justified in charging additional costs for cleaning.



House pets are allowed in accommodation areas, if confirmed beforehand.The surcharge for house pets is 5 EUR per day.


Disagreement with conditions and rules:

In the event that you don't agree with any of the conditions and rules, you can withdraw from the agreement. Withdraw within the alloted time of 10 days after reservation confirmation by email to



Personal data use

Your personal data will be used in accordance with EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679,  made by the European Parliament and Council of the European Union on  27. april 2016. This addresses safe personal data use (such as name, surname, email).

Your personal data will be used only for the purposes of communication and preparing your offer. By agreeing you allow the company Damir Kokol s.p. to use your email address for communication purposes.

Your email address may be used by Damir Kokol s.p. up until the cancellation of your agreement or until the data is no longer needed. If you do not witsh for your email address to be used as described in the previous paragraph, you have the right to request a correction or deletion of the data (email). Such a request can be made at any time by contacting

Damir Kokol s.p. is bound by the agreement to not sell, lend or in any way transfer your data to any third party. Your data will be protected from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, change, deletion.


Exemption of liability

Damir Kokol s.p. cannot vouch for the accuracy or propriety of all the information on the websites. All information on the websites can change without previous warning.

Damir Kokol s.p. does not accept any responsibility or liability for any kind of damages caused by the use, malfunction or inaccessibility of said websites.

In the event of refferal or connecting these websites with others, that own or operate third parties, Damir Kokol s.p does not take responsibility for the content or improper operation of said websites.



All text, images, graphics, animations and other documents that contain websites are subject to the legally permitted framework of copyright and other intellectual property. The content of the web pages may not be copied, distributed, modified or reproduced in any other way, except with the written consent of Damir Kokol s.p , which actively enforces its intellectual property rights to the fullest extent permitted by law.